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Thursday, August 3, 2017


In 1891, this body of water was named Lake Mahpalutah after
Oglala Lakota Chief Red Cloud. When local dairy owner          
  Johnnie Sloan received an 1895 patent on nearby land, people 
began calling it Sloan's Lake. Now it is a popular Cheyenne    
recreational area for boating and fishing.                                  
Cindy is currently the advertising manager, contributing editor and staff writer for the LCSD1 Public Schools' Chronicle

She has provided articles to a number of publications including True West and Wild West Magazine.

Her mystery novels are, The Saucy Lucy Murders, Paws-itively Guilty and A Killer Slice-- published by Medallion Press and Amazon.

Her romance novels are, The Seven-Year Witch and A Witch at Midnight--published by Angelic Knight Press.

She values her travels throughout the United States and abroad to the Japan, the Philippines, both the eastern and western Caribbean, Samoa and New Zealand.

From glow worms, to armadillos, to baby alligators, Cindy has seen an abundance of life's wonders.

Her 100+ hours of college credit includes courses in English composition, journalism, desktop publishing, psychology and biology. She's proud to consider herself a graduate from the University of Real World Experience.

She is available for freelance projects such as proofreading, ghost writing and blogging. Additional items include preparing newsletters, business reports, news releases and white papers. Need a virtual assistant? That is one of Cindy's strengths.  

Project size, difficulty level, length and your deadline determines prices.

To contact her, please email: Work samples will be provided upon request.